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"This I Believe"

Family Gatherings always have an outcome that might as well be predicted by the flip of a coin. Heads, it goes south, and there is some prolonged damage, Tails, it goes north, and everybody is finally caught up on their relatives' past year. Either way, In my experience at least, knowing what to say, and who to say it to, will always give you the latter option. If your Aunt Cecilia comes to you, wondering what you did over the summer, you tell her you studied. Why? According to her, it's the only way you'll ever be successful. If your Uncle Josh comes and asks what you did last weekend, you tell him you were swamped with parties and were only able to make about 8 of them. He thinks everybody should know how to live a little. "It's the only way you'll ever be happy," He says.
These are real people in my life, and these are real questions and answers passed from myself, to them. Lying is not what I believe in. But I also don't believe in crying the who…

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