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Memory as a WOK

Memory. You literally need it to know anything, which basically means you need it to do anything too. When my group and I started on this presentation, I had no understanding of memory itself. I knew it's purpose but no actual facts alongside it. This being said, I obviously learned a whole lot. 
Most people have thrown in how they were nervous about either their group partners, or even the actual presentation. I have to disagree with this. I went in being confident in the people I was working with, and leading up to the presentation, I wasn't exceedingly nervous either. I'm happy to say that I feel comfortable around everybody in IB so doing things like this and working with people from TOK don't really have me super unsettled.
The actual presentation itself did go well, I think we has a good understanding of the topic, and a few engaging activities too, this is not to say that we didn't have any flaws however. As a group, we did end up running out of time and not…

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