International "Bark"alaureate


Grades...Bye felicia

in T.O.K, we obviously have to get a grade for the class, it ahows that we have competed the class and helps our school administrators to understand that. The no grades policy strips the many grades and just adds one final grade based on interaction and quality thereof. If Students are allowed to asses themsekves and be honest on what grade they deserve, they would usually be more likely to participate and give hose good ideas. Overall, the culture of the class will be more talkative If eel like if thats what the students feel like they are basing it on. However, this could also lead to a talk of false ideas or “BS-ing” ideas just to say that they tried their hardest. I don’t know how this would be counteracted, as its hard to distinguish between an original, good idea, and one an impersonation of one. Though I don’t see this problem occurring in our program, I think it could happen in the future so being prepared for that will be beneficial.